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    Google Stadia Game streaming service

    Yes i understand, but playing with a physical PC is different than playing in cloud right?
  2. Jason

    Thoughts on Artifical Intelligence

    Do you support the growth of AI or are you against it. I am against it, i don't want a machine to control me or know more about me.
  3. Jason

    Google Stadia Game streaming service

    I read about this, i don't know how effective the gaming experience will be. I prefer my own system and run games in it.
  4. Jason

    Regional calendar

    Nope, i go with English Calendar and i follow few festivals. Mainly i look for leaves :)
  5. Jason

    Old songs

    Yes, old ones. I don't know much of new songs and i am not interested in listening to new ones.
  6. Jason

    Tikona Broadband

    Are they still doing well in the current market? One of my friend told me that he got Tikona connection previous week and he is happy with the performance. But from what i have read and seen their service is really bad. (this was 3-4 years back) Anyone of you still use Tikona Broadband?
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    iOS 12.1.4 Update

    I update my iOS few days ago and the update went smoothly. The phone is really good now and their a good performance improvement and i love the Measure app from Apple. Using it to measure lengths of different objects :D
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    Manjaro anyone?

    Have anyone of you used Manjaro? In distro watch it always stays in top 3 position (i know it is not an accurate stats) I tried the Manjaro Xfce using live USB and it was really good. But i am so into Solus Budgie i don't want to make the switch.
  9. Jason

    Control Panel you prefer?

    I will anytime go with cPanel as they offer very good features and using it is very easy. I once used Vista Panel and it was okay.
  10. Jason

    Indian Forum might close soon

    Yes i need to work on marketing, but finding a large community with Indians needs time.
  11. Jason

    Smart Fridge

    We are moving into more futuristic world and everything will be done with a smartphone now.
  12. Jason

    Old songs

    I do listen sometime, but they are not regional most of the songs will be English.
  13. Jason

    Difficulties face when running website

    Yes i agree Ash, as Social networks have taken over people spend less time in websites/forum.
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    MyBB 1.8.20 Released

    Yes, but it would be also great if they make the forum software more responsive.
  15. Jason

    Good candidate

    Yeah i know, maybe this time my vote will go for it i believe.

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