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    Control Panel you prefer?

    cPanel. As it is very simple.
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    Thoughts on Artifical Intelligence

    To be frank, I am afraid. Maybe because of all those movies
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    Google Stadia Game streaming service

    You can play in any dabba PC. The processing is done by cloud server
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    Manjaro anyone?

    I haven't tried. Heard a lot about it
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    Regional calendar

    Ha ha. Off days, who doesn't ?
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    Google Stadia Game streaming service

    This is gaming in cloud
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    Google Stadia Game streaming service

    You don't need to buy a console. Instead, you can stream games up to 4K 60 fps. This means you can run great games even on your TV, laptop, Android, Chromebook etc without any console connected. What you need is a great internet connection and you can play big titles even on Linux. But latency...
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    Regional calendar

    Do you follow regional calendar and festivals ? Are they important to you ?
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    Good candidate

    That is a good thing. Vote and still make your expression.
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    Old songs

    Old English songs ?
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    Smart Fridge

    Mostly smart watch by the end of this year ;)
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    Old songs

    Do you listen to old songs ? I was listening to some by Yesudas. Great feel.
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    Good candidate

    That is why you have NOTA.
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    Good candidate

    Did you get a good candidate in your constituency this time ? Someone whom you would like to vote.
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    Surround speaker system

    Head phones are bad for ears.

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