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Social network for Indians
Do you think a social network for Indians will work out? As Facebook has more no of Indian users, will it be so difficult to attract Indian users?

Re: Social network for Indians
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It will surely work out. But the technology and hosting expense involved is too much.

Re: Social network for Indians
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Great to know, instead of a US company taking control of Indians. Why not an Indian Company run a Social network.

Re: Social network for Indians
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It could be political connections. Airtel's hike never took over WhatsApp.

Re: Social network for Indians
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Hmm i can agree with you on this. A good amount of money is given to the concern people to make their service work without any issue.

Re: Social network for Indians
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Marketing is a big thing. Foreign corporates are often good at it.

Re: Social network for Indians
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I am not sure but I think it is very difficult. Indians like to follow western culture, you can look Hindi cinema is called Bollywood. What is the reason for calling, where Hollywood has reason to call so.

Second money matters. Like promotion and keep it running. People who are in business know very well, anything selling to any other country probably hard because of their need so you will not see the benefit. To cover the loss you have to fund it from somewhere else.

--Suppose you already running well in America and want to run the same business in India. Possible people may reject it because of their desires and need. So you will face loss. Here you will have to cover it to fill the gap, because your business is running very well in America you can fund the business in India and your company in India will not go down this time other company may take advantage of your loss.

The same happened to MLM. You heard about Gillette.

Also Indian people like to gain more and pay less. So you will not get profit in this case, you will need backup. Like facebook is not depended on India people, they are getting good business but not depend on Indian...they can run their service if India will stop using it but soon they cover this gap.

I am not negative. But I have seen it many times. There were many Indian communities but no body is talking about it.

Re: Social network for Indians
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I don't use Facebook but many of my friends are in Facebook and they tell to me join. But i don't want to join it again. As Google+ shutdown, users have Facebook and Twitter to communicate and share their lifestyle.

Surely i believe Indians love Facebook and many company have started to use Facebook to have their page setup.

Re: Social network for Indians
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If there was an Indian platform, people will surely join.

Re: Social network for Indians
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But lets assume you using Facebook and the features are very good. If a new social networking site comes up will you join?

Re: Social network for Indians
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As long as it appears safe. Indians are not very good entrepreneurs. They do not start much.