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Paid or Free forum software
So which is your choice and what will you go for? I used paid forum software (Xenforo) and it was very nice to use with good no of features. In Free i have used MyBB, SMF, phpBB and now i am using ElkArte. I like ElkArte and MyBB for easy use and good features.

Re: Paid or Free forum software
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Paid software at the moment are a step ahead of what free software offer. I like to stay with free and open source wherever possible. But at this point, I am leaning on paid boards for production forums.

Re: Paid or Free forum software
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I love XenForo but I always go with free software as it's free. There is nothing wrong with MyBB and a large number of themes and plugins for it makes it perfect.

Re: Paid or Free forum software
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Xenforo is better and more affordable when compared with vBulletin and IP Board. So many prefer it and the user base is keep increasing.