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Gosora Forum Software
I found this in ForumPromotion forum and thought of sharing it

URL: All Topics | Go.sora
Repository: Azareal/Gosora

A supremely fast and feature packed forum software written in Go (Golang).

Gosora Forum Software
Reply #1
I think I had an account there. When it was white. I and Azareal had a little chat about it on Discord.

Gosora Forum Software
Reply #2
Oh great that you were involved in it. Yeah the theme has been changed to dark.

Gosora Forum Software
Reply #3
I am not involved in any way. I had a chat once with Azareal. He was all excited about the project.

Gosora Forum Software
Reply #4
Great, he keeps posting updates in a forum i frequent. But as we so got used to old forum structure seeing the new one doesn't impress me

Gosora Forum Software
Reply #5
It looks great and I'm sure it will be a great software in the future as Azareal continues to work on it. Personally, I probably wouldn't use it because I like to use established software with large amounts of plugins and themes.