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The bitninja.io check is back. Did you add it @admin ?

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I didn't add it and i think the host have implemented this mechanism. I will check with the host and update here.

Update: My host's reply :( "The IP is not blocked in the server. Can you please ask him to clear your browser cache and try again?"

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IP is certainly not blocked. I can access the website without any issue. The thing is, those services run javascript on my browser. I don't think it is a safe practice.

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Oh i see, it is weird that they run javascript on the browser. I will try as much as i can else i will switch host.

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I got BitNinja again. :(

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So it asked for captcha and it didn't come again or BitNinja keep coming?

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Before the page loads, there is some splash screen saying BitNinja checking is going on.

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Oh i see, so for the past 2 visits you faced this issue?

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Only the last visit. Now it is not there.

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Thanks for the update, i don't know why it pops up. Is it due to security service thinking the ip is blacklisted?

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I am not sure. It happens randomly and at the host part.

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This what I get


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My IP changes every time. But why should such a service run without admin knowledge ?

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Thing is shared hosting has bitninja enabled by default and we don't have any control over it. If it is VPS or dedicated we can manage it.