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Weird domain name you used
Have you ever used any weird domain name for your project. I have used one and it was x-zone4u.com :D

I am sure users would have been confused on the name when i ran the project.

Weird domain name you used
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Yes, I had a domain name for, especially social media influencer. The plan was to get traffic for random news people like to post and read. It was not that much popular because I had no control over the content.

I used MyLikes content to promote for money and the domain was webeter.us
The domain name was planned to think about "web" and something about the internet. So the name came to WEB-E-TER.
.US domain thinking of the popularity. But sadly in domain name and web hosting community people sad .US domain is not so frequently used as others also the domain address does not make any sense. So I could not even sell it, then I gave it for free.

Weird domain name you used
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He he he, i think if pronounced quickly it seems like web eater.

Weird domain name you used
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Not that weird but unusual. I used .life for a role playing forum which I put a pause to a while back. The forum was called Pixel Town Life so I went with the pixeltown.life domain name as it was slightly creative and went quick well.