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TRAI on channels
TRAI has made a lot of recommendations on how channels should be distributed through cable TV and DTH. In short, a customer can choose a single channel and should not be forced to buy a channel pack for a single channel.

TRAI on channels
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That is really a great move, DTH loot the users in name of channel pack. Every region suffers with junk channels which they won't see in their life time.

TRAI on channels
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A study shows that most household use less than 50 channels. That is all they watch. Even my cablewala offers 250.

TRAI on channels
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Yeah, many don't get the chance to watch most channels in the first place. We too pay 250rs/month and it has good no of channels

TRAI on channels
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Pay per channel is good. It is the same as what pay per second did in mobile. It is a good thing for customers.

Re: TRAI on channels
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After the implementation of the scheme paid channel blocks like Sony, Viacom and Star took a hit. Their viewership went down. Good thing, no pay channels now.

Re: TRAI on channels
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Sony channels are too costly right? Heard that they are giving the channels for free during this IPL

Re: TRAI on channels
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To be honest, either they should show ads or ask for payment. Here they are doing both. Too many ads and too much payment per channels.