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Good Indian Hosting Companies
Do share here good Indian hosting companies. Most of the Indian Hosting companies offer poor service and they lack good support. But very few do an excellent work. If you have come across any kind of Indian webhosting, share it.

Good Indian Hosting Companies
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There are many companies providing web hosting solution. I found few of them are so cheap that makes no sense for a serious blogger or small business. Because the plan will be for low data storage.

It is obvious low cost hosting providers will give low feature and especially data storage.

I think hostgator Indian version could be a good choice.
For me, I used ewallhost & hostingraja...I think bigrock is also good.

hostingraja does not allow nameserver management as others do but acceptable. Once I had to prove the ownership of the domain name & hosting which I had on hostingraja. Where I have to add cname, which is not available there.

Good Indian Hosting Companies
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Most of the hosting companies in India have datacenter in US. As running and maintaining servers in India is a huge task. So all they do is buy a dedicated or reseller hosting from US company and start Indian hosting company.