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Database error
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It is better i switch to new Host in the coming months.

Database error
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[USER=2]@Dilip[/USER] This is what my host recommended.

Please try clearing the browser cache and then access the site. Below given link will guide you through the same process:
Clear your web browser's cache, cookies, and history

Next I request you to try flush your local DNS. Please try rebooting the router as well, if any.

Try these and if you still face any issue in the coming days do let me know. I understand these are basic things which you would have done. But give it a try one more time and do update me please.

Database error
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Admin, the site was giving some error yesterday as well. I am sure it is a server error. Because it gets ok by itself when the error goes away.

Database error
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Can it be that your IP or ISP has some issue? I am checking with few people and i do check the forum at random times i didn't face any issue till now.

Database error
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I am not sure.

Database error
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Kindly check one thing when you face the issue next time, try kproxy and see whether you can visit the website without any issues.

Database error
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I can visit all other websites without any problem. I have like 50 tabs open and all others are working fine.

Database error
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Sorry for the inconvenience caused. I like to make sure that 100% everything is normal and fine in our side and then proceed to work with the host. As we have no other active users can't determine the real issue.

Database error
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[USER=2]@Dilip[/USER] did you face any issues in the past few days? Hope the error has been fixed by server change.

Database error
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Nothing so far. Looks like it's gone :)

Database error
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Great to know that, hope it stays the same in the coming days too.

Database error
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I got some check by Bitninja before the site loads. Anything from you ?

Database error
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Not now, it happened once before. But after that i haven't faced any of that till now

Database error
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It happened today when accessed this forum in the evening. If not you, how come ?

Database error
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Hmm i see, i had the issue when the forum was started. And i haven't come across that bitninja thing. I will check the logs or with the host about it.