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Reapers Shop India
Reaper Shop India is an India based online Game store, electronics, clothing shopping website offering a large array of electronic products, Garments, Games and online gaming accessories at an amazingly low prices.

If you are looking to buy game license, Microsoft product license at cheap rates this is the right place.

Home - ReaperShop - We reap game prices for you!

I have bought 3 Windows 7 license from them and everything works fine till now. You can pay them via credit cards, debit cards, internet banking as well as cash on delivery.

I highly recommend their service and do make use of this wonderful site.

Reapers Shop India
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Is there any place from which we can get used Windows 7 license keys ?

Reapers Shop India
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Quote from: "Dilip, post: 85, member: 2"
Is there any place from which we can get used Windows 7 license keys ?

I don't know any place where we can buy used license keys, but in the above shop you can get a key for 500rs.

Reapers Shop India
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Since Windows 7 is no longer sold, I thought people would give aways keys of their old installation.

Re: Reapers Shop India
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Buy they could have used that to upgrade to Windows 10. I did the same, bought Windows 7 Professional and upgraded to Windows 10 for free.