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Bluish theme
Is it possible to get a good Bluish theme for this community ? Logo can have some Indian flag colours as well.

Bluish theme
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I will try to find one, for time being i will change the color of the theme to blue.

Bluish theme
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Thanks Admin :cool:

Bluish theme
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Just changed the color, i will try to add a blue theme.

Bluish theme
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The colour changes looks great. Other one was a bit hard on the eyes.

Bluish theme
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Any update on the logo ?

Bluish theme
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Sorry couldn't change the logo to Indian Flag. Only i can change the "Forum" text to green.

Bluish theme
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Its ok. But why can't we add an image logo ? Something wrong in the ACP.

Quote from: "Jason, post: 204, member: 1"
Only i can change the "Forum" text to green.

Looks great.

Bluish theme
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We can add image logo, but i need to find out how it should be done. This weekend i will try to add the image logo

Bluish theme
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Thanks admin :)