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Tried SSD?
Have you ever used SSD and how was your experience with it. Did you really feel there is a speed difference. I saw few videos and it really had a huge impact, booting up and opening Photoshop was very quick.

Tried SSD?
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SSD is a whole different technology. It has obvious performance improvement. It is like using a mechanical device and a digital hardware.

Tried SSD?
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Is the failure rate low with SSD? HDD has normal failure rate.

Tried SSD?
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I am not sure, but I think the failure rate is much lesser with SSD. A lot of servers and desktop use SSD for its speed, but I haven't seen anyone mention about a high fail rate.

Tried SSD?
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Embracing SSD in Indian market will take time as the price of it is very high compared to HDD.

Tried SSD?
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Quote from: "Jason, post: 626, member: 1"
as the price of it is very high

Very true. Any idea how much a 128 GB one costs ?

Tried SSD?
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The price is between 1.9k to 2.3k