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Online Computer Stores
Now as many users have started buying online, i thought of sharing few reliable online computer stores. Where you can buy computer components at a very competitive price.

1) Computer Parts, Gaming accessories,Gaming  Laptops, Electronics, and More - theitdepot.com
2) Custom Built Desktops & Gaming PCs | themvp.in
3) Online Shopping Chennai - Buy Smartphones, Laptops, WorkStations, Headphones, All in One PC's, Speakers and Gadgets at One Place | Supremeindia.com
4) www.mdcomputers.in
5) Online Shopping  | Buy Computer Hardware Online | India - Hardwire.in
6) https://www.primeabgb.com/

If you know any sites, do share it with us.

Online Computer Stores
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I got my PC assembled locally. I am not good enough to assemble one.