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Topics - Jason

News & Announcements / We have reached 2000 Posts
I am happy to announce that we have reached 2000 posts and it wouldn’t be possible without your time and efforts. I thank you all for posting and helping us reach 2000 posts.

My special thanks goes to Mr. Dilip for contributing the highest no of post. 
Internet & Technology / Chitika Is Shutting Down
Chitika one of the good advertising service website has shut down. Here is what they have published

Dear Publisher,
After 15+ years in business and millions of publisher relationships, Chitika is hereby shutting down. Our sincere thanks to all our publishers with whom we have enjoyed wonderful relationships over the years. We wish you the best of luck and success as you continue to grow your traffic and revenue.
Linux / Hamara OS
Hamara is a Debian-based desktop distribution featuring the MATE desktop. Hamara is developed in India and the team works to provide improved translations for the more popular spoken languages in India.

Courtesy: Distrowatch

If you love to try it, check - https://www.hamaralinux.org/download/
Linux / Screen Tearing Issue
One of the bugging issue in Linux is Screen Tearing. I too had this issue, when i watched any videos the screen tearing will be seen clearly and it was irritating. Now i am using Windows 10 for a while (waiting to by SSD and install Linux again) there is no screen tearing what so ever.
General Discussion / Election in Tamil Nadu
Tomorrow we have the election and i am going to vote. Still haven't decided to whom should i vote. I go the booth and i choose one party and vote.

Hope the voter percentage is high tomorrow and there is no violence.

Linux / Reason for switching and not switching
The main reason i switched to Linux is that i found Windows becoming slow after few months of usage. Lot of software and application need to be installed in order to run the OS smoothly.

In Linux everything comes pre-installed (all the necessary software) and there is very less to no lag. I am happy about my switch.

The only reason i may switch to Windows is the support given by A+ companies to the OS (games, streaming etc..)
Linux / Can you play HD videos
Can you play HD videos in Amazon Prime or Netflix in your current distro? For some unknown reason i am not able to play HD videos in my Distro (Solus OS)
Mobile / Ads in apps
Do you hate the pop up ads in Apps or okay with it. I am okay with it, unless it doesn't bother me more. Every single click or page shows an ad that is the one i hate.
Webmaster's Club / Hosting location you tried
I have used London, Singapore and Amsterdam location. Among these, Singapore and Amsterdam were good. Now Indian Forum is hosted in Singapore location.
Linux / Nvidia dislikes Linux
What i read and understood is that, Nvidia dislikes Linux and their drivers for Linux seems to be real bad. For Windows they give the best drivers and support but for Linux not up to the expectations :(
Internet & Technology / Time is up for Google+
Finally the time is up for Google+ and they have started to close the service. To begin with i used this service very rarely unlike Facebook. But it was really good to use.